Expense Reports Can Help Your Business by Software

If you’re frequent travelers, then you’ll require a top expense report application. These apps can assist you to keep track of your expenses more effectively. It is possible to modify the program to suit whatever you need to accomplish. If you’re a school student and want to manage their budget more effectively, or when you run an entrepreneur-type business, you have to manage your finances more effectively.

Tracking expenses isn’t as simple as it seems. The process of tracking your expenses is a tedious task. Even if you earn plenty of money, you will need to continue keeping track of your expenses and income and then make adjustments in time. This task requires attention and dedication. If you’re not able to find the time to devote to monitoring and maintaining your top expense report software, then you might want to consider purchasing an expense Manager Pro.

The majority of the top expense report applications are available on both iPhone and Android devices. This means that you don’t need to purchase different apps for both devices. One application can keep track of all your income and expenses. This is due to the fact that most of the expense tracker apps from Zoho as well as other apps for expense reports work with the majority of the Android devices on the market.

There are many reasons for people to use expense reports. One reason could be due to their job that requires travel. A lot of people track their expenses to ensure they can budget their expenses more effectively. The most effective expense management application for business people is a mobile application. No matter if you’re an enterprise of any size it is essential to keep track of the company’s expenses.

For smaller businesses the expense tracking process is simpler. Certain of these applications can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. They are extremely simple to use and require only a minimal user interface and functional. Additionally, they have a very quick learning curve and are extremely compatible with all smartphone operating systems. Even if you’re using an online-connected device like a tablet, or smart phone, you can monitor your company’s finances using these applications.

With the variety of tablets available on the market, consumers can keep track of their expenses by using their apps. The popularity of expense reports is so high that nearly every major business has an application of their own. The most effective expense tracking application is the one that is most appropriate to your business’s requirements and needs. After you’ve selected the most effective expense report application and you’ll never go back.

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The Impact of Music on Mood and Performance While Driving

People frequently want to reinforce or change their mood by listening to music, for example. Listening to music while driving is a popular pastime. However, nothing is known regarding the physiological effects of listening to music while driving and driving performance.

Driving can be stressful, especially if you’re caught in traffic or if you’re an unskilled driver, and this stress will eventually affect your heart. Researchers have recently confirmed that there is a simple solution to this problem: while driving, listening to the appropriate music.

According to previous studies, regular psychological stress is a substantial risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which affects over half of the world’s population aged 20 and up. Driving is a common source of stress, either because of the pressures associated with heavy traffic or because of the anxiousness that often comes with inexperienced drivers. Is this, however, a guarantee that those who drive every day will acquire cardiac problems, or is there a simple solution to reduce the stress of driving?

So, while music may not make you smarter, it can make you feel better. Yes! That’s what it’s for! Music is made to make you feel something. According to studies, listening to music while driving causes our brains to release a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that increases happiness and enthusiasm. According to research, some people find it simpler to solve problems and establish memories when they are in a good mood rather than a poor or neutral state. Music, on the other hand, is designed to evoke emotions such as sadness and rage. Therefore, careful selection of music is essential when driving.

All of the studies on the impact of music come into play, but they’re amplified. In high-traffic circumstances, research reveals that gentle, calm background music can really relieve boredom, anxiety, and stress associated with being trapped in traffic. While background noise, such as music, has been demonstrated to increase mood, focus, and concentration in some situations, listening to music while driving has been found to be highly distracting.

The types of music can affect your mood and performance while driving, and it is crucial to select the best type of music to play on your car stereo in Wellington. Here are a few factors that you have to consider when driving with music:

Blaring music of the car audio in Wellington hinders you from hearing what’s going on around you, such as emergency vehicle sirens, horns honking, and even the sound of your own indicator, causing you to react slowly in crisis situations. You might want to choose soft and slow music when going on a drive.

The genre of music
Music has an influence on different parts of the brain, and the effect varies depending on the type of music. Music has the ability to alter how you perceive the world around you. For example, listening to joyful music will frequently cause you to respond positively to a neutral scenario, whilst listening to sad music will often cause you to view the same situation negatively. According to one study, drivers who listened to music with violent or hostile lyrics drove more aggressively, sped up more, and stayed at higher speeds for longer. Even positive feelings like excitement can be dangerous when driving, causing you to speed and overlook critical driving indications. The idea is to get yourself into a pleasant, focused, neutral attitude. To put yourself in a pleasant or neutral attitude and free up your brain energy for those split-second decisions on the road, listen to light, uplifting instrumental music.

The higher number of temporal events (beats per minute) that must be processed, as well as the frequency of temporal changes, begin to affect memory space, confusing activities, and driving capabilities. For a relaxing ride, we recommend going with slower-paced tunes.

As you’ve seen, there’s a lot to think about before you turn up the music and head out the door. We strongly encourage you to practice mindfulness while driving by turning off any distracting noises and focusing on the road, the vehicle, and the surroundings. Even after reading all of this, you may still believe that listening to music while driving is beneficial. If this is the case, take some time to plan and select your playlist, have a good car stereo installation in Wellington, then start the car with it on and keep it at a steady level so you can maintain your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and ears alert.

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What Is So Special About Cooking With Wine?

Cooking with wine brings out flavors better than other liquids or sauces would, making everything taste amazing together. Using broth instead will result in more bland-tasting food compared to if you had used wine instead. The reason why? Wine contains alcohol which can break down stubborn food particles that are difficult to get rid of with just sauce. It also smells wonderful.

Here are some benefits of cooking with wine:

Wine is a natural flavor enhancer for meat and vegetables. Different types of wines should be used with different items of food, in order to enhance their taste, flavor and aroma. It is not only meat and fish dishes that can be tuned into amazing food with the addition of a little bit of wine, but vegetable dishes as well. Remember to use the right type of wine though.

Wine can be used to cook sauces, like béarnaise sauce or wine-based gravy which add flavor to cooked meats and other dishes. Make sure you wear a nice bib apron when making sauces because when they bubble it can splash all over our uniform.

The right kind of wine makes all the difference. There are many kinds of wine used for cooking including white or red wine depending on what type of dish it will be added into. When cooking with wine, use a dry white wine for lighter dishes and reds for heartier dishes. When cooking fish, generally chefs use white wines, while red wine is more commonly used with meat dishes. Some types of white wines are good for cooking seafood like prawns or salmon since the flavor blends well with fish and does not overpower it. For example, a simple steak becomes something special when cooked using red wine! You could also try making pulled pork BBQ with some wine in it.

Use alcohol in place of water when boiling pasta or potatoes to add flavor and reduce boiling time. Adding wine to your pasta can truly bring out the flavor in the dish, while also reducing boiling time. If you are making mashed potatoes with wine, some people like to reduce the sauce on top of it which creates a rich classic meal. Many chefs will use alcohol (such as cooking sherry) instead of water when steaming vegetables since the taste is better absorbed into food this way. This makes for an even more flavorful experience overall.

Add some leftover wine to your dish after it has been cooked – this will add extra flavor without the need for adding more spices or salt. The flavors of wine can truly enhance and captivate your taste buds!

Makes sauces taste awesome. If you are making a red sauce, you will want to use wine that is made from grapes. This is because the skin and seeds have been removed so there isn’t as much acidity in it. This makes for better tasting food overall. You can also choose your favorite type of grape which will give unique flavors depending on what they ate while being grown. Some types of wines include pinot noir, chardonnay, shiraz or merlot which all each bring their own unique flavor profile into cooking with them.

Cooking with wine doesn’t have to be limited to dinner time! You can also make sangria, mulled cider, spiced tea, sparkling grape juice, fruit punches; the possibilities are endless!

Cooking and wine go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re making a sauce or adding it to the pot, wine is an essential ingredient in many dishes that can help elevate your culinary skills from amateur chef to sought after master chefs in their fancy coats and bib aprons. If you want to look like a pro at home, it is best to bring out those bottles of wine and add them to your dishes. We can guarantee that your meals will be both delicious and aromatic, and have people wanting more and more.

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Importance of Niche Marketing for Starters in Internet Marketing

Every internet marketer should have to be wise in selecting their niche. If you are a newbie in the online business industry, it would be difficult for you to stand out having big competitors in your niche. With this, you have to be very careful in selecting your niche so that it will not be hard for you to establish your own self in the business. Alongside with the careful selection of your niche market, you have to be prepared before you indulge in online marketing. This is very necessary knowing that you have your own dreams that you are gradually making it into reality to have a worthwhile business online.

Why is your niche necessary?

Without your niche, you will not be able to stand out in your online business marketing. You are like a blind man wandering around the place without a guide to help you reach your goal. You have to know your niche properly. Having carefully identified your niche, you will be able to know the people who are going to support your products and services. In short, you can identify your target market. Yet, a wise online marketer will not indulge in the business with a niche that has many competitors. You will have a difficulty to get your investments back and the chance to gain huge profit is low.

Moreover, niche marketing will give you the direction of your goals. Part of the direction it provides is you will be able to know where your effort is leading you. Your focus and attention will be sifted down to your target market. Thus, without this direction your online business will gradually fall apart as you continue your online marketing journey.

While identifying your niche will give you the benefits laid to you, search engine optimization will also help you lead to your potential market. This is an important process to every online marketer. With the careful selection of your niche and employing the right keywords and phrases, your visibility in the search engines will bring you to the success that you are aiming. Without the search engine optimization, fulfilling your goals will not be fully realized. That is why you have to know your niche properly so that you can benefit from the use of search engines in driving traffic to your site.

Niche marketing is very essential. This will be your way to make your dreams come to reality in establishing yourself as an internet marketer.

Internet marketing is one of the biggest niches out there and there is a lot to learn to make this into a business with recurring income.There are various ways to make consistent income using Internet marketing including affiliate marketing, creating your own product, providing leads to other IM professionals etc. Click on the following link to obtain free first hand information on various models used in Internet marketing and subscribe to a newsletter to get timely updates. CLICK THE LINK BELOW:

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On the Ways and Means of Network Marketing: Insight From an Ex-Marketer

In the fall of 2005 I made a decision that would prove to teach me many things. My good friend had called and said he wanted to show me something. Naturally, I was curious, and since we had been good friends for over 20 years, my decision to hear what he had to say was an easy one. Had he been a complete stranger, my reluctance meter might have created a very different outcome.

And so we met. He made the trip to my place, about 2.5 hours from the hometown where we both grew up, and where he currently resides today. Knowing that I had a background in Health, and was very interested in learning about new products and services that can help people realize more of their potential, my friend placed a bottle on the table; it was a nutritional product.

He had been using the product for a few months, and after looking into the business model and company history, had enrolled in the company as a Marketing Executive. He proceeded to show me his website, and discussed the compensation plan and the various ways in which a person can earn money. I was intrigued. I told him I would try the product, and if it helped me with some digestive issues I was having, I would consider the business. He thought that sounded fair. He gave me a bottle to try ($45 for a one liter bottle), and said the next one would be on me. I agreed.

Onwards and Forwards

Fast forward two months. I had finished the bottle my friend had given me, and I was signed up as a Marketing Executive. I had my very own home-based business. Very exciting. The thought of working for myself, among a team of like-minded individuals, was very appealing. And since I would have existing team members in various countries, at virtually any time of the day or night I could have my questions answered.

My intention was to be working my business full scale in a year’s time. And by all accounts, my team members assured me that this was a very realistic goal. Being new to the world of Network Marketing (NM), I had no reference point for discerning whether what they were telling me was true. And so it goes when trying something for the first time.

In less than a month, I had earned my first cheque. Now, let me qualify this. Since I had been encouraged to order some product upon enrollment (which is reasonable considering I had just started a business and would need product on hand in order to educate potential customers), the earnings on my first cheque were from product rebates from each case I ordered.

I had sold a few bottles, but most of the first $500 I spent on product was gifted to others through efforts to raise product awareness. Not entirely a smart way to do business, but as an amateur in the field, it seemed like this was a common way of doing business for some.

And, from those 12 or so bottles I had given away, some of those prospects went on to become customers (some for a few months, a few others for several months), and a handful went on to become Marketing Executives (again, some for a few months, and others for a year or so).

The people to whom I had gifted product were predominantly family and friends. This is referred to as a ‘warm market’, people who I know and trust, and who trust me. They are the first step in prospecting for potential customers and business owners. Since they trust me, they are more likely to be open to hear what I have to say.

As a result, the probability that I can persuade them of the merits of my cause rises exponentially. Contrast this with finding, approaching, and persuading a complete stranger – in the beginning, family and friends are simply the quickest, shortest, and more reliable route. All in all, my first few months within the world of NM, was, by most accounts, a success. And I continued to be successful for the next year or so. In my tenth month, I earned my largest cheque – $1800.00. My residual income was around $600. Not bad for a first timer.

Let’s fast forward again…3 years.

Today, I am no longer doing network marketing. My total career spanned approximately 14 months. Due to various changes within my life and business, it is no longer part of my focus. But along the way, I gained some extremely invaluable insight into the ways and means of the industry.

What follows is designed to assist anyone who might be considering this business, or those who are in the business already to clarify their intentions and ensure you don’t lose yourself, and your pocketbook, in the pursuit of your dreams.

The Larger Landscape

NM is an incredibly alluring concept. In theory, it seems too good to be true. And for some, (it is reported that less than 1% ever make any money in NM – some reports indicate around 10%), the sky can be the limit. NM is like being part of a large cohesive team that experiences ups and downs akin to the stock market.

Within a few months, you can go from making a few dollars to several thousand, depending of course, upon the overall momentum of the team and how much effort you put in. Or, if you are well connected, and have a significant number of people within your social/business network already, your earnings can skyrocket very quickly.

When this happens, the adrenaline rush can be addicting. And I would suggest that the emotional high one experiences from these spikes has many folks locked into a cycle of emotional addiction that runs deeper than sheer excitement.

It seems to me that, for many, NM is like a drug that can’t be put down. The excitement that is first felt, upon generating some earnings, causes one to believe that this thing called NM can actually work. And it does…for about 1% or so of the total number ever involved.

The Next Big Thing

As is customary within the industry, when one company falls short in furthering one’s financial goals, many people jump ship, finding the next trend and starting over. But it isn’t entirely like starting over; once a large team is established, often the leader brings his group (downline) over to the next company. And when everyone begins ordering product to start their new venture, momentum is created, and those leaders in the right spot experience a spike in earnings. Intoxicating it is.

Out of the network marketers that I know, many of whom have been in the industry mainly part-time for a decade or more, they have been involved with 4-5 companies or more. It seems that when one gravy train dries up, they move on, like a herd of buffalo seeking new territory.

And while changes in life do happen, and some companies make decisions that conflict with one’s integrity, too often network marketers move on thinking that the next company is the right one. But if honesty is to prevail, many have been saying that to themselves, and trumpeting that to their prospects and friends and family, since enrolling with company #1.

While no one can be faulted for needing to clarify their values and move on, or denied the freedom to make choices that they see as right and appropriate, when one continues to make ongoing company changes while recycling the same lines used during previous ventures, something begins to happen…that individual begins to lose credibility with those around them. Was the last company the ‘real one’ or this new company ‘the next big thing’? Did the last company have the ‘best comp plan in the industry’ or does this latest organization? When all and more is being said over and over, the meaning of those words becomes saturated, old, tired.

But as long as the herd is telling it to themselves, and group consciousness continues to reinforce the group ‘truth’, then the herd can roam from territory to territory, decade after decade, chasing the illusive payout, and all the while coming to identify so tightly with the group that they lose themselves in the process.
After a while, they come to know not what they are striving for, nor do they continue to ask themselves. They just know that others are still carrying on, and that is enough for them – it is what they know, have come to love, and can’t let go.

But after 10 years or more of pursuing an idea, in any arena of life, you have to ask yourself if the return has been worth the investment. The path of the NM is one of emotional intensity. And that is hard to let go of. When I left my company, I felt a large void. Where else can you connect with people on a part-time basis who are so like-minded, pursuing the same hopes and dreams, so supportive, full of energy? It was very rewarding on a psycho-emotional level.

While I have found that experience since with my career, the initial loss was devastating. It was like leaving a relationship – there was a grieving period, followed by acceptance, a letting go, followed by renewal. But it seems many are afraid or not willing to let go, even though the writing is on the wall, and may have been for some time:

• Husbands still telling their wives that this one is ‘the one’, all the while investing $200-$300 in product and materials every month, even though their budget should not allow for such things. “Eventually, this will pay off honey. It is investing in the short term for a payout in the long term.”

‘Keep believing in me’ and ‘I can’t accept that this hasn’t worked out the way I intended’ is the essence of this perspective.

• Wives still justifying to their husbands that their business must go on because ‘I have been home with the kids all day’.

The essence of this perspective is ‘You owe me’, all the while running around to business meetings, telling one’s self that progress is being made, when in reality, very little true business success is taking place. In psychiatric circles this is called ‘the illusion of work’.

• Individuals telling themselves that they will never leave the world of NM because of how it makes them feel, not allowing themselves to see that their initial plans have shifted into the realm of illusion, and that what they think they are doing is not really happening, and hasn’t been for some time.

The essence of this perspective is ‘My dreams are too important. I will never give up’. But at some point you must begin to get painfully honest about why you are doing what you are doing, and if the results of that doing is worth the effort to keep doing.

Many a family and relationship have been strained, even ruined, because of the pursuit of the warm market. The challenge with the warm market is, once you use up all the customary sales lines, which might be true to varying degrees, during your run with the first company, lines like…

• ‘best comp plan in the industry’
• ‘a product like nothing else’
• ‘the right leadership’
• ‘proven track record’
• ‘a science driven product line’
• ‘a literal cash cow’
• ‘people are making $30,000 and up, per month’
• ‘you don’t have to sell, just share’

…you can’t very well use those lines with the same people (family, friends, and associates) the second, third, and fourth time around. Eventually, you just sound silly. And if they did join you during the first venture, they will come to see for themselves that real business development requires sales, marketing, budgeting, planning, and strategic thinking. The ‘just sharing’ notion will work for the first few months or so, but after that, all of the above are required.

Free Entry or Market Saturation

I remember when our big product first launched, myself and a handful of other reps, whom I didn’t know, had approached many of the same establishments within our region. Soon, many of these businesses had become over-exposed; they refused to engage us. This is one of the drawbacks of the NM model – where anyone can become a rep, and there is no limit to the number of reps within a territory. The up side is that there are no barriers to access – anyone who is motivated can take action and get ahead of their competition. All are welcome to try their hand at this illusive and challenging business called NM.

But even though you might be part of the larger organization, teams within the company are competing with each other. And while it might be said that you are family, and to a large degree this atmosphere can be created and felt at conventions, when it comes to prospecting a territory, if your co-reps are not in your upline or downline, they are competition.

Is this model sustainable? It seems that the more reps you add to a given territory, the less and less become the number of prospects. A saturation point is reached and eventually everyone has heard about this latest product, sometimes to the point where now they don’t want to hear another thing about it. There is something to be said for limiting the number of reps who can then explore a given territory over time. This might create more gradual, sustainable growth.

But this approach might not lead to the huge spikes in income that occur with the current model…rapid cash, fast! There is that emotional high again…feels so good. Like watching your stock go up in value, but instead of watching by as a passive observer, with NM, you can directly influence the outcome. Compelling indeed.

Borrowing from the Future

For some, network marketing has earned them a literal fortune. And to those few, I say congratulations, sincerely. My hopes and dreams when I first started rested upon a plan that would eventually see me earning huge chunks of money each month. It didn’t happen, not because it can’t happen, but because my priorities shifted. My life had indicated to me that it was time to pause, step back, reflect, re-calibrate.

For the most part I had a very positive experience with NM. I met a lot of great people, some of whom I still connect with on occasion. And the magic that I felt during that first year was palpable. That energy has continued to sustain me in many ways since that time. I still check in to see how the company is doing today. I have many great memories that are mine to keep.

And, the tax benefits of having a home-based business are excellent. For this reason alone, it might be wise to look into some form of home-based business that doesn’t cost you too much to operate each month. But make sure you aren’t spending/investing more than you can afford to invest.

I made the foolish mistake of borrowing from the future – meaning, I expected that I would be earning a lot of money in the future, so I justified all my expenses as necessary costs in running a business. This turned out to be a costly mistake. Add to that, most companies encourage you to attend their training events. I went to Dallas, Orlando, and Las Vegas, all wonderful trips, but the reality was, I was borrowing from the future to finance the present. And it backfired.

While attending trainings is very important, and it helps you to understand, catch and live the vision of the company and its owners, if you don’t have the money, don’t dig yourself into a hole that you will be digging yourself out of a year from now. The tricky part is…you have this entire team playing the hype card.
And this energy gets in you, and fuels you, and the next thing you know you are at a convention buying 5 – $200 tickets for the next convention because you just know your team is going to grow, and you don’t want them to miss out on the experience. Hogwash. Know yourself, and don’t get caught up in this energy unless you have the cash to do so.

The Real Cash Cow

In December 2009, I was introduced to a woman who was prospecting a friend of mine for her NM business. Since I had no intentions of considering her business, I sat patiently while she did her sales presentation; we were in a coffee shop. At one point she turned to me and said,

“Are you considering the business?”

I very politely but directly stated, “No, I’m not interested.”

To which she replied, “Oh, you should be. This opportunity is a literal cash cow. There is so much money to be made.”

I felt nauseous. I had used all these lines before. It felt almost as if I was being conned, and I had to ask myself in a quieter moment, “Did I really say that kind of stuff to people?”

The answer is “Yes”.

Live and learn as they say. You go with what you know at the time, and when you know better, hopefully you do better. This woman’s approach cemented for me why I was not interested in her business, but more than that, why I was not interested in her as a person. To be sure, she’s entitled to learn and grow just like everyone else. I can’t fault her, because I myself was there once. I recently heard from our mutual friend that she has since left that company and moved on to a new one. And from there, she has since moved on to her third company.

I have come to understand something; the real cash cow as it relates to NM, save the less than 1% who ever make it big, has to do with the company itself. The reality for over 90% of people who start a business with a NM company is that they really exist over time as glorified customers, acting as business owners. This is great for the company; either way, they are moving product and increasing their bottom line.

The more a company can entice people to dream big, get in on the opportunity, and make a lot of money, the more money the company makes through product sales when a new business owner makes their first order. And most companies require business owners to sign up for an auto-ship every month, so the company continues to make a good chunk of money from every business owner for as long as they operate their business.

For many people, this is justifiable because they purchase these types of products on a monthly basis anyway, so why not order them from your own business? Makes sense for sure. But for all the people that lose in NM, the company consistently wins. And that’s okay. The owners chose to get into the business because they are smart and know that NM can generate large sums of money quickly. And some even have good values and love to help others, like the one I was involved with.

In Summary

• Know yourself.

Stop following the herd just because it feels good and it’s nice to be accepted by a group of people with whom you identify. If your finances are suffering, or if you have been at it for a long time with no sustained results, face reality and move on. Find a new hobby, or join a social club. It might be cheaper.
Perhaps you are blocking the expression of your true potential because you won’t let go of this ‘idea’ masquerading as a business. For some, it functions as a real business – figure out which one it is for you…today.

• Know yourself.

Just before you move on to your next company, ask yourself: What I am really doing here? Why I am making this decision? Is this truly going to bring me what I think it’s going to bring me? And what is that exactly? Am I afraid to let go, to distance myself from all the hype and energy, and really figure out who I am? Again, the energy is enticing, even addicting. Figure out if you are addicted to this entity called NM and decide if that is okay with you. If it’s not, figure out how to let go.

• Know yourself.

Stop recycling the same old lines. You are beginning to look silly. People have caught on, and you are bigger than this. You deserve more. Pull back, re-connect from a more authentic place, and stay real. The hype is tainting your credibility and possibly your mental health.

• Know yourself.

Ask hard questions. Don’t accept the customary lingo and approach just because your leader is telling you it works. If it doesn’t jive with the values and ethics you walked in with, it might be time to walk out. Don’t sell your soul for a pay cheque.

• Know yourself.

Consider how approaching your family and friends might make things awkward in the future if business goes sour. Rethink the warm market approach, and consider selling to strangers. Then if things don’t work out, you still have your family and friends intact.

• Know yourself.

Don’t give up on your dreams, but get better at discerning if they are materializing or if you are just chasing an illusion that you propped up long ago and are afraid to let go of.

• Know yourself.

Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t let business come between friendships. This is The Way of the Fool.

The reality is, sometimes our dreams need time to breathe. If we never step back, pause, reflect, take a break, peel away for a while, but continue pursuing our plans relentlessly, we never gain the added value of knowing whether the dreams we are pursuing want to pursue us.

Maybe they have moved on.

Maybe we have been facing in the same direction for so long that we falsely conclude ‘this’ is what will make us happy.

Maybe we have become wired to the adrenaline rush, and more than anything else, that is what we are still pursuing but haven’t yet caught on.

Do your dreams and yourself a favour; slow down. In your ongoing attempt to keep the dream alive, you might be missing out on some key indicators that are signaling you down a different path…a better path.

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Email Marketing – The Pros And Cons of Marketing With Email

Many small businesses are considering jumping into the world of email marketing. Email marketing has many different advantages, but it also has a few drawbacks that you need to keep in mind. The truth is that when utilized in the correct fashion it can be an extremely powerful and cost effective way of promoting your business and producing more sales. Once you learn about the pros and cons of email, you will be able to begin your own campaigns and get started down the path towards increased success and profitability.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

There are several key benefits to running an email marketing campaign. One of the most important is how cost efficient is can be. There is no other form of direct marketing that is as cheap as email marketing is. A 2005 study by the Winterberry Group found that for every dollar spent on email marketing, $15.50 was earned in return. There is much relevant data pointing to email marketing having a superior ROI than telemarketing, direct mail campaigns, radio or billboard advertisements and more.

Another advantage that email has is that you can quickly get your message across, and you can reach your customers and prospects in a place where they are comfortable communicating. If you have an idea for a new sale or promotion for the upcoming weekend, you can inform all of your customers about that immediately. With print advertising, traditional direct mail or anything else, the turnaround time could be days or possibly even a week or more.

One of the real strengths to running an email campaign is how effectively you can track the results that it produces. You will be able to see every click that is made to your website as a result of the email, and you will be able to see statistics such as how many people read the message, how many times they read it, if they ended up making a purchase and on down the line.

There is no other form of marketing or advertising that produces such an array of in-depth statistics. It’s an invaluable way to track your marketing efforts, and make the most out of every dollar you put into promotion.

Finally, another important advantage to email marketing that you will want to remember is that it’s the perfect way to convert prospects over a long period of time. No matter how great your products or services may be, not every person will be immediately ready to make a purchase or investment. Email marketing is the perfect tool to continue chipping away at those prospects over the long haul. By developing a relationship with each prospect and providing them with useful information, you will gain their trust and stay at the forefront of their mind.

The Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The largest disadvantage of email marketing is that so many people today are fed up with spam. All of our accounts are flooded with wasted emails everyday, and it’s a worldwide plague of the largest scale. Because of this, many people are wary about opening up emails from businesses, or about trusting anything they see in their inbox.

You can help combat this problem by being as transparent as possible. This means making it easy for people to see who is sending your message and what it’s about. It also means ensuring that all of your email addresses are used with permission, and you never purchase a list or steal addresses from another website.

Another disadvantage with email marketing is that far too many small business owners or managers know how to make a campaign work for them. Perhaps they try using gimmicks or copying an email that somebody else sent out. However, a much more effective strategy is sticking within your own identity, playing to your strengths and providing your prospects and customers with exactly what they are looking for.

Making Email Marketing Work for You

The bottom line is that the benefits of email marketing far outweigh the disadvantages. It’s all about learning how to run your own campaigns in the right way, and for maximum success there will be some trial and error as you traverse that path. By not utilizing email campaigns you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to help your business become more efficient and more profitable.

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Marketing Research: The Need of the New Era Businesses

At the time when businesses were limited in terms of its customers, revenues, globes as well as its functions, gathering information or having research was not that much important. Also, business functions were not in the trend. Everything was centric and decision making was not so dynamic as what we see today. By the course of time and advancement in customer satisfaction, customer retention, generating huge sales and revenues, Marketing Research came in practice. In general this has done for gathering information for various marketing and business planning. It is nothing but the process through marketers or businesses utilize useful and desired information. The researchers give direction to the research using various methodologies and seek the expected results. Whole process gives a path to the marketers or organizations to find better ways to satisfy their customers and provide them directions to gain customers and profitability as well.

Now the time we see today is much more competitive as it was never before. Competition is on the anvil today. And competition gave new pace to modern business and the theories of modern business have been changed now. Everyone today seeks information as it is the biggest tool and hence we require Marketing Research services (this business enhancement process). Marketing research came in the practice when market transitioned from sales oriented environment to marketing oriented environment. Marketing concept requires customer satisfaction rather than profit maximization and it becomes the goal of an organization. So, the transition led the requirement and then evolved the process. Earlier, business decisions were made by the help of various databases.

As time and competition changed the market and hence the business decisions have also been changed. To help more to the business we need proper marketing research services and service provider. Here it would be imperative to mention that, though marketing research services is not the only resource or the answer of every question which helps in business decision but it helps a lot and improves the management decisions. Therefore an organization should focus on consumer needs and try to resolve them efficiently and quickly in a manner to satisfy both organization’s need as well as consumer’s needs. Hence, it directly indicates that any service provider do need trying to obtain information on the basis of consumer needs and gather marketing intelligence to help satisfy these needs efficiently. Most of the time Market research is being considered narrowly as gathering and analyzing the data. Marketing research company/firms need to gain competitive advantage through creative use of information.

Even though, the proper information is a benchmark for the business achievements, Marketing Research Company alone does not assure or guarantee the overall business success. Nowadays, managers don’t require the large database or information, they require information for getting the desired or expected results. They manipulate the data as per the expected outcomes and use all for the sake of achievement of their marketing goals and objectives. Most importantly, all these happen regularly and with all care of timeliness. Hence Marketing Research Company does all these as per the organizations requirement and give Marketing Research Services which fulfill the objective of the research for which an organization came for.

Hence, the whole research process helps an organization in various aspects. The information obtained by the market research is used to guide several departments of an organization or firm to take several actions pertaining to launch of a new product, to improve the distribution system, to give more satisfaction to the customers, to improve the quality of the existing product or services etc. It would be insufficient if we say that the Marketing research is everything, the fact is it is important and have various positive impacts rather than negative for business purposes if the research has not been done with all care.

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Embrace the Marketing Community

Today is just another day of marketing, learning new ways to turn your leads into a relationship that will benefit both parties. I believe that I can help one person a day just by writing this blog and supporting them in someway.

The marketing community has the best support for online marketers. When you plug into any of the marketing communities with or without a membership, there are people to support you with expert training and support from marketers of all ages and in all stages of marketing. The people you connect with are having or had the same experiences as you are having now in marketing. They love to help you grow, take pride in the way they share and are more willing to point you in the right direction.

Some of us start sell products that enhance your health and well-being and as we grow in our experience we want to pay it forward. This confirms that the training we complete is worth it’s weight in gold. Paying it forward not only enriches your income, it all so enriches your soul. Training is great and the community backs it up with sharing their experiences on web sites and pages they create on social site like twitter and face book.

Marketers that have integrity will introduce you to education supportive companies with a marketing platform that bring income opportunity. Education with the steps that lead you to success. We share secrets of the trade and direct you how to use them. Back it up with webinars, three-way calls, seminars, conventions and when needed one on one training.

Marketing is introducing people to the opportunity to train with companies that have trainers that making 6 to 7 figures and are willing to train you how to do it. We take pride in our education and teaching it to you. As you plug-in the world of marketing unfolds in front of you, most of the training that I am doing I earn as I learn, so it pays for its self every month. This is why we are so passionate about what we do and how we can make the claims of success.

Some of us start at the bottom level and the only way to go is up. As we market and learn the tricks of the trade a wealth of knowledge unfolds. We are excited about how far we have come and that is why we can’t wait to promote the people and the products they introduced us to. Embrace the marketing community, go forward with your team building relationships, wealth and success.

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Focus on the Unseen Job Market for Results!

Career Coaching Focuses on the Unseen Job Market

Almost like lemmings, masses of unemployed people respond to the published job ads unaware not only of the futility of their efforts but also that there is a significantly greater job market that is untapped and as a result, remains out of their grasp – the unseen job market.

Automated Searches

This search direction toward public jobs has been exacerbated by the sense of security offered by plethora of on-line job search engines, job-hunt clubs and automated job postings. Just because an ineffective method has been tweaked or peaked by automation it will still never be the right direction for a job search. It is just as much an improbable situation as thinking that an automated submarine will now be able to fly. The alternative is to explore the unseen job market – one that numbers about 100 new job opportunities per day in a 1 million population city.

If not Published, then Where?

Between 60% and 80% of all jobs that become available are not seen by the public, which we call the “Unseen” jobs – 150 per day just in Ottawa. That imbalanced percentage alone justifies the pursuit of the Unseen job market. But there is even better news for such job seekers: less than

5% of people looking for work pursue the Unseen job market. You do the math:

• Unseen: 5% of people looking at 70% of the jobs or

• Public: 95% of people looking at 30% of the jobs. No wonder the job search seems like a zoo!

The Unseen Job Market

Beverley, who is extremely busy, had her right hand man, Harold, suddenly resign. She has been desperately looking for 2 weeks to fill the void left by Harold who up and quit for no apparent reason. In these 2 weeks Beverley not only has had to do her own job, she has had to fill in for the priority tasks associated with Harold’s job too. Beverley worked 60 hours a week before Harold left and with Harold’s departure, her weekly hour count has shot up. Not only has this made Beverley’s life miserable, it has made it almost impossible for Beverley to systematically search for a replacement for Harold.

The Terrible Alternative

As pointed out in a previous article, when you buy a 649 lottery ticket you do so, not expecting to win, but nonetheless hoping that you do cash in. You can clearly see the goal of $10 million dollars and you know that your ticket has as much chance as anyone else’s. Yet, you also know that your odds at 100,000 to one or higher leave you with little chance. Nevertheless you are assured that somebody has to win.

When you apply for an advertised job, you are engaging in a lottery. You can see the prize, you want it, you know that someone has to win it, and you know that you are as good a candidate for the position as anyone else.

The first problem is that the public job search is like a lottery. Remember the 95% of job-seekers looking at 30% of the jobs? There may be dozens of applicants for this job. So aside from any other consideration if you are among a dozen applicants your chances are 1 in 12. That is a terrible ratio. You would walk away from a poker game if you were confronted with such odds.

Finally, after countless applications, many without any response whatsoever, and the sense of futility, the job-seeker begins to realize the awful truth – if they are fortunate – that they are not going about the job hunt the right way. The less fortunate ones either develop a negative fatalistic attitude (There is no job in the cards for me now) or worse, a negative self-esteem (What’s wrong with me?)

Of course there is nothing wrong with you; you still have great skills to offer the market – just as you had in your previous job. And, forget the fatalistic approach: there is a great job waiting for you – in fact, there probably are two or three terrific jobs.

What Happens in the Unseen?

Once you engage in pursing the Unseen job market within your skill set, you will reach a point where, thanks to a good friend or a connection, you arrive on Beverley’s doorstep. She has a job that needs to be filled. Based on the assumption that you are qualified for the opening (otherwise you wouldn’t be considered for the job and you wouldn’t want the job, anyway) Beverley, upon seeing that you are qualified, views you as a gift from heaven. She’s in a crisis and you, by accepting the job, could relieve her of her current considerable unpleasantness.

Does Beverley have a list of six candidates to inspect? Not likely. In fact, to date you are the first qualified person to come in her door. Is she going to wait for a few more qualified people to show up? No! She’s desperate for relief. If you fit, you will get the job.

Finding the Job

The point of this article is to tell you that you should spend your greater efforts looking in the ‘unseen’ job market rather than the reverse – the publicly advertised job market where most people search. How do you connect to an unseen target? This is where career coaches expertise fits in. They help individuals take the steps in the right direction and they factor in mathematically developed means for you to connect this way based on science and proven results. But it doesn’t matter whether you understand why it works or not but it only matters that it actually does work for you.

Hint: you need to develop a program of contacting people who will ultimately lead you to an opportunity.


First, the focus on the right job market – the unseen one – not only increases your odds by 100 to one, but also such pursuits often results in your being the only applicant for the job.

Second, the unseen job market avoids all the difficulties of rejection in the public job market, because employers while they’re in a hurry, they are in a hurry to fill the job, not to reject people.

Good luck to you in your job pursuit!

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Joint Venture Internet Marketing – Are There Benefits to Your Business?

Embarking on joint venture Internet marketing is easy and has many benefits. When doing Internet marketing, the joint venture (JV) approach is much more effective than engaging in an abundance of self-promotion.

Complementary Businesses

There is a lot of competition online. You may wonder why a competitor might want to promote the products and services of another business. The answer lies in the fact that your products or services may actually complement rather than directly compete with the partner’s products.

For example, a business that sells books on potty training children can collaborate with a company selling training toilets. One naturally leads to the other and is a win-win situation, generating sales for both businesses. The key is that the JV partners are all trying to target the same group of potentials.

Joint Ventures are easier than you might think

The words “joint venture” seem to imply a huge undertaking, but the process is very simple. Just find one or more other business that want to engage in some joint promotion of their product or service with yours. There are many potential partners out there just waiting to promote the products or services you offer.

In the Internet marketing field there are many people eager to help others experience success. This is because once those other entities become successful, the Internet marketer that provided them with assistance can call on them for help with promoting their own products. Therefore, if a business helps others use or master online marketing, it builds up the Rolodex full of potential partners down the line.

Joint Venture benefits abound

JVs reduce costs because campaign development and delivery expenses are spread among the several JV partners. Where each partner promotes to their respective lists, customer acquisition costs are significantly reduced.

Another benefit to JVs in online marketing is the opportunity for a newer online business to quickly increase its visibility. By partnering with a company that is established in the target market, the associated online business can quickly reach a large audience that has already established an interest in the items being sold. Promotion to this highly targeted audience is worth its weight in gold.

Often when a JV approach is used, the promotional effort is camouflaged, making it more effective. Assume Company A includes an article about Company B or its product in its “Newsletter”. Positioning the marketing effort as an article, rather than advertisement, makes it appear more credible. The format used indicates that the contents will provide information and add value. Because the information or offer comes from an entity other than the one directly selling the products, more consumer trust is developed.

It’s typical for a JV partner’s promotion to offer a reduced price to the other businesses clients. Both partners win because the customer, having saved money, feels positive about the company that offered the deal and the company that made them aware of it.

These are just a few of the benefits of joint venture Internet marketing. Online business of any type interested in quickly and easily promoting its products or services should consider a joint venture with one or more partners. All parties involved should quickly see results through an increase in brand recognition or direct sales.

Taking a collaborative, rather than a competitive, approach keeps all parties happy. Try one to help build your business.

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